Who Left Channel 3 News Phoenix 2021?

Kris Pickel’s resignation from Arizona’s Family TV news is the latest in a string of high-profile exits from the network. Pickel announced her departure from the stations on Tuesday, Channels 3 and 5 in Phoenix, both of which are owned by Atlanta-based Gray Television.

Similarly, Who left Channel 3 news Phoenix?

Brandon Lee, former anchor of Channel 3, talks about his descent into addiction | Phoenix New Times.

Also, it is asked, Did Kris Pickel get demoted?

Kris Pickel, an award-winning anchor and reporter for Phoenix’s Family TV news stations, has left the organization. Pickel said Tuesday, “It was referred to as a commercial decision.” “They let me leave,” says the narrator. Pickel, who joined the station in 2015, said she sensed she was on her way out.

Secondly, Where did Javier Soto go?

If you’re wondering where morning anchor Javier Soto went after departing Arizona’s Family stations in May, don’t worry: he didn’t go far. Starting Monday, June 13, Soto will co-anchor with Katie Raml at ABC 15 in Phoenix for the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. newscasts. Soto succeeds Steve Irvin, who stepped down in May due to health issues.

Also, Did Eric Parker leave WFSB?

WFSB stated on Thursday that it will be announcing further personnel reductions. Eric Parker, the morning news co-anchor, was the biggest name to hit the exit road.

People also ask, What happened to Brandon Lee 3tv?

Lee announced on social media that he is quitting the television industry totally after 22 years. Instead, he’s concentrating on a new project: an art therapy program he’s developed to assist recovering addicts, sex trafficking victims, domestic violence survivors, and child abuse victims.

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Where is Jared Dillingham now?


Where is April Warnecke from?

Gilbert is a city in Arizona.

Who is Ashlee demartino?

Ashlee has worn several hats in her career as a multi-Emmy award-winning Meteorologist, including one-woman-band, executive producer, anchor, reporter, and morning traffic reporter. Her major emphasis and love, however, has always been weather.

Where is Jaime Cerreta?

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, Jaime Cerreta anchors 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona. She covers everything from crime scenes and breaking news to restaurant openings and neighborhood activities throughout the week.

Where is Heather Moore working now?

Heather (Moore) Lerman, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Public Programs and Digital Media Coordinator | LinkedIn.

Who left Good morning Arizona?

Monica Garcia, a reporter for “Good Morning Arizona” and a weekend morning anchor for Arizona’s Family, has departed the Phoenix television stations. Garcia announced her departure on Instagram on Tuesday. “On Good Morning Arizona, there will be one less Amigo,” she wrote.

How do I contact Arizona news?

You may also phone 602-444-NEWS to reach the newsroom (6397).

Where is Stephanie Simoni?

Stephanie Simoni, a former WTNH anchor, has joined WFSB in Hartford.

Where is Scot Haney today?

Scot Haney keeps Connecticut up to current with the most up-to-date weather predictions, particularly for the morning commute. Scot may be seen daily from 4:30 to 7 a.m. on Eyewitness News This Morning. He also co-hosts “Better Connecticut” on Channel 3 at 3 p.m.

What happened Kris Pickel?

Pickel announced her departure from the stations on Tuesday, Channels 3 and 5 in Phoenix, both of which are owned by Atlanta-based Gray Television. “It’s a nasty element of the job,” Pickel said, “but it’s part of the job.”

What happened Olivia Fierro?

She went to UCLA’s Extension Program for broadcast journalism after graduation. With the introduction of Olivia’s Book Club in January 2019, a lifetime passion of reading became a career initiative.

What happened April Warnecke?

April Warnecke, a meteorologist for 3TV’s “Good Morning Arizona,” is back at work after reporting from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Who is Ian Schwartz?

Meteorologist. Ian Schwartz, an Arizona native who was born and raised in Mesa and graduated from Arizona State University, is pleased to be back home. Ian began his media career in Illinois and eventually moved to Albuquerque and Sacramento.

Who left AZ family news?

Kris Pickel, anchor

What happened Brad Perry?

Brad got the pleasure to wake up San Diego on KUSI’s “Good Morning San Diego” for over 7 years after 9 years on the popular morning program. He is presently the host of AZTV Channel 7’s “Arizona Daily Mix” in Phoenix. Find out more about Brad Perry.

How do I contact 3 on my side Phoenix?

Arizona’s clan. (602) 207-3333, 5555 N. 7th Ave.

What is the phone number to Channel 12 in Phoenix Arizona?

257-1212 (602) 257-1212 (602) 257-1212 (602)

Where did Amber Diaz go?

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — Amber Diaz, a reporter for WTNH-TV in New Haven, has departed the station to join NBC Connecticut in Hartford, according to The Laurel.

Is Scott Haney’s mother still alive?

Greeneville, Tennessee – Minnie Mae Haney, 78, died in Greeneville, Tennessee on Wednesday, December.

What is Scot Haney email address?

Scot Haney’s Twitter feed: “@mittsb01 @mittsb01 @mittsb01 @ Scot Haney may be reached at [email protected] “Twitter, for example.


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