How To Find Old News Articles On Google?

For a simple, searchable experience, use the Google News archive. You may use this search engine to input the topic you wish to explore to locate earlier newspaper articles on that topic. Open your computer browser and go to to learn more about the archive search engine.

Similarly, How do I search Google News Archive?

To get straight to a particular newspaper title in the Google News Archive, start with the newspaper list. You may quickly move to a certain date after choosing an interesting title by using the arrows or, even quicker, by entering the date in the date box (this can be a year, month and year, or a specific date).

Also, it is asked, What happened to Google News archives?

Enjoy a full year of unrestricted access to The Atlantic, which includes all of the articles on our website and mobile app, subscriber emails, and more. Google today stated that it will end its three-year-old project to scan and save printed newspapers.

Secondly, Where can I read old articles?

22+ Resources For Reading Vintage Newspaper And Magazine Articles Archive of Google News. UFDC (University of Florida Digital Collection) Elephind. Congressional Library. Trove. Old Fulton, New York, postcards Historic Newspapers from New York. Backward Machine

Also, How do I search Google News articles?

Look for certain information Visiting Google News Click “Search” in the header. Enter your search criteria, such as a subject to read about, a location to visit, or a source to read from.

People also ask, How do I find news articles by date?

Search Google News Archive The Google News Archive only includes items from the date periods specified under each newspaper, which are drawn from hundreds of publications. Simply enter the term or words you’re searching for in the Google News search box, then choose Search Archive.

Related Questions and Answers

How far back does Google archive go?

Did you realize that the mid-1880s are covered by Google News’ archives? Across a century’s worth of historical news from newspapers all over the globe may be searched on Google News. Links to additional online newspaper archives are also provided by the service, which offers both free and paid access to scanned newspaper archives.

How do you read old news?

1. Google News – For convenient viewing, Google News aggregates the news from thousands of newspaper websites from across the globe. Popular Newspaper and News Agency Archives The New York Times from 1851 to 1922 are stored on the Times Machine. The Times Archive may be found here.

Where can I find old newspaper articles for free?

Try looking for publicly accessible digital editions through:Williams WorldCat if you can’t locate an online version in the library catalog or it’s for the incorrect time period. Projects for newspaper digitisation are listed by the International Coalition on Newspapers. Search the Google News Archive.

How do I find old local news footage?

Our Top 7 Websites for Finding Archival Footage The National Archives of the US. Website Archive The Review of Public Domain. Reuters and British Pathé. Editorial and historical videos from Getty Images. Commons at Wikimedia.

Do libraries still have old newspapers?

Newspaper archives are accessible via public libraries and archives around the country. Ask your local library or archive if they have any digital collections you may browse over before you start your study. Historical newspapers are often only accessible on microfilm.

What is newspaper archive?

An enormous collection of newspaper issues from both major and little publications from all over the globe, spanning more than 400 years, may be found in the NewspaperARCHIVE digital image archive on the Internet. The pages may be browsed and searched.

How do I archive a newspaper article?

Simply view the online page for each article in a browser and choose Save As to save it to your computer. Ctrl-S may be used to do this on Windows. This will create a window where you may save the web page file for the article as well as any other files required to maintain its original design.

How do I use Google archive?

steps for downloading your Google archive Choose the items you wish to support. I made the choice to choose everything. At the bottom of the page, click “Next.” You may choose a ZIP file as the file format and set a maximum size. Select a delivery strategy. Press “Create Archive” once. Be persistent.

What is the best news search engine?

Yahoo News Google News is without a doubt the most used news search engine, or rather news search engines. Because there is truly at least one news search engine for each language that Google indexes, we use the plural.

Why is Google News blocked?

As punishment for spreadinginauthentic material” on the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has banned Google News. The restriction was imposed shortly after Google said that users from all around the globe will not be able to monetize anything that “exploits, ignores, or condones” the conflict.

How do I search the New York Times archives?

By using the archive search feature on, one may access the New York Times Article Archive.

How do I find an old newspaper article in the UK?

3. How can I locate newspaper archives that aren’t available online? The primary British copyright collection is British Library Newspapers. The Welsh National Library. Scottish National Library Central Library in Belfast Ireland’s National Library

Where can I read old newspapers online India?

Collection of Proquest Newspapers Times of India ProQuest Archive (1838-2004) The Guardian (1821–2003) and The Observer are available in ProQuest Historical Newspapers (1791-2003) Wall Street Journal historical newspapers on ProQuest (1889-1996) Al-Islah is a rare collection of vintage Urdu newspapers.

What is the best newspaper archive site? has the best U.S. newspaper archives for genealogy research. GenealogyBank

Is newspapers com free with ancestry?

The lowest tiers of Ancestry membership do not provide free access to is accessible for free but with certain restrictions at the All-Access level. However, keep a look out for promotions, especially around holidays. formerly received free weekend access through Ancestry.

Are old newspapers worth anything?

Although many ancient documents are precious, not everyone is aware of which old papers are. The majority of the time, historical events included in papers increase in value. For instance, the moon landing newspaper is a popular collectable. The worth of several WWII publications is very high.

How do you find old news casts?

Making use of the TV News Archive Visit the TV News page of the Internet Archive to get started. The closed captioning text of the majority of significant TV news programs since 2009 may be searched using the search box that will be shown to you right away.

Where can I find old newsreels?

Where to get internet newsreels The War Years, according to Fox Movietone. English Pathe Prelinger Archives newsreels are available on the Internet Archive. YouTube channel Istituto Luce Cinecittà.

Is Pond5 free?

The Experience of Free Collection Free HD & 4K stock footage movies, pictures, and audio tracks are available from Pond5 to motivate your audience.

Are newspapers still on microfilm?

Most newspapers didn’t start publishing information online until the 1990s or perhaps the 2000s. Additionally, a lot of online news sites simply save the text of the stories, not the images or the adverts. Libraries continue to buy newspaper microfilm editions to fill in such gaps.

Can I buy a newspaper from a specific date?

Newspapers with the original birth date are precious, unique treasures. The presents’ unique nature, which is fully based on newspaper originals from 1900, gives recipients a present from the past unlike any other, making them the perfect present for any birthday day.

What do you call old newspaper articles?

Newspaper archive” may refer to a variety of things. “Newspaper archive” is now a term used to refer to a collection of newspaper stories that are available online.

What is the difference between newspapers com and NewspaperArchive com?

A pen clipping tool on makes it simple to pick out just the portions of the page that the user wishes to retain. only offers a plain rectangle as a cropping option, which causes your footage to include superfluous content.

Who owns newspaper archives?

One of the first acquisitions made by Charles Thayne Capital, an equity company that had just been founded the year before the takeover, was 2019 saw the co-founding of Charles Thayne Capital by Utah-based investor Matt Marsh and Chicago-based investor Brian Gornick.

Is there archive in Google Drive?

The only certain method to free up memory on Google Drive is to remove the file as it doesn’t provide an archive option.


There are many ways to find old newspaper articles. One way is to search for the article’s title on Google News. Another way is to use a tool like, which offers a free trial and access to over 100 million articles from more than 500 newspapers dating back to 1871.

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