How Much Does It Cost to Go to Lincoln Tech?

The cost of attending Lincoln Tech varies depending on the program you choose and the length of time you attend. Tuition and fees for programs range from $9,995 to $24,995, while the median cost of attendance is $17,495.

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The Cost of Lincoln Tech

The cost of Lincoln Tech varies depending on the program you choose to enroll in. The average cost of tuition is $33,275. The average cost of books and supplies is $1,200. The average cost of room and board is $9,790.

The cost of tuition

The cost of tuition for Lincoln Tech varies depending on the program you choose to enroll in.

The average cost of tuition for programs at Lincoln Tech is around $33,000.

However, some programs may cost more or less depending on the length of the program and the type of training you will receive.

Some programs, such as the Associate Degree in Automotive Technology, may cost as little as $28,000.

Other programs, such as the Bachelor Degree in Diesel Technology, may cost as much as $40,000.

If you are interested in attending Lincoln Tech, it is important to research the cost of tuition for the specific program you are interested in.

The cost of room and board

Room and board expenses at Lincoln Tech are estimated to be $11,676 per academic year. This fee is charged to all students who live in on-campus housing. The cost of living off campus is not included in this estimate.

The cost of other expenses

In addition to the tuition and fees charged by Lincoln Tech, students will also need to factor in the cost of other expenses such as books, supplies, housing and transportation. The total cost of attendance (COA) for a typical student attending Lincoln Tech is estimated to be $21,784. This figure includes tuition and fees of $18,384, as well as an estimate for books and supplies of $1,200, room and board of $2,200 and other expenses such as transportation and personal expenses of $800. Financial aid may be available to help students cover the cost of attendance. To learn more about financial aid options, please visit the Lincoln Tech website.

Financial Aid

Many students worry about how they will afford college, but there are many options available to those who attend Lincoln Tech. If you are concerned about the cost of attending Lincoln Tech, there are a few things you should know. First, Lincoln Tech offers a variety of financial aid options to help students pay for their education. Second, the cost of attendance varies depending on the campus you attend and the program you choose.


Lincoln Tech offers a variety of grant opportunities to those who qualify. Students may be eligible for federal, state or local grants, as well as private foundation funding. grants are awarded based on financial need and do not need to be repaid.

To apply for federal and state grants, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA becomes available each year on October 1st and should be completed as soon as possible thereafter. For the upcoming academic year, the FAFSA can be found at

Federal Grants
-Federal Pell Grant: Available to students who demonstrate financial need. The maximum amount for the 2019-2020 academic year is $6,195.
-Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): awarded to students with exceptional financial need who also receive a Federal Pell Grant. The maximum award amount is $4,000 per academic year.
-Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant: up to $4,000 per academic year for students who agree to teach in a high-need field at a school that serves low-income students (upon completion of their program of study).


There are two kinds of loans available to Lincoln Tech students: federal student loans and private student loans. You can use either type of loan to pay for your tuition, fees, room and board, and other education-related expenses.

Federal student loans are provided by the government and have fixed interest rates. Private student loans are provided by private lenders, such as banks and credit unions, and have variable interest rates.

Lincoln Tech recommends that you exhaust all of your federal loan options before taking out a private loan. This is because federal loans generally have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms than private loans.

To apply for a federal student loan, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To apply for a private student loan, contact the lender of your choice.


Finding scholarships can seem like a daunting task, but there are many avenues you can explore to help you pay for college. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:
-Contact your chosen school’s financial aid office. Many colleges and universities offer scholarships to their students, so this is a great place to start your search.
-Check with organizations and groups you or your family belong to. Many civic organizations, religious groups, and professional associations offer scholarships to members and their families.
-Look online. A simple scholarship search using keywords related to your field of study, hobbies, or background can reveal many opportunities for which you may be eligible.

When searching for scholarships, remember to be mindful of scammers who may try to take advantage of you. Legitimate scholarship providers will not ask for your bank account information or social security number, and they will not require you to pay a fee to apply or receive the scholarship funds. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a scholarship provider, contact the financial aid office at your chosen school for assistance.

Payment Plans

Lincoln Tech offers several payment options to make education more affordable. You can choose to pay in full, or you can choose a financing option. If you qualify, you may be eligible for federal financial aid. You can also take advantage of our military discounts.

Lincoln Tech Payment Plan

Plan 1:
You can pay your tuition in full up front. If you choose this option, you’ll receive a 5% discount on your total tuition.

Plan 2:
You can enroll in our interest-free monthly payment plan. With this plan, you’ll pay 1/3 of your tuition when you enroll, 1/3 at the halfway point of your program, and 1/3 when you complete your program. There is a $50 enrollment fee for this option.

Plan 3:
If you qualify, you may be able to take advantage of our offers from Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo, or other private lenders. You can find out more about these options by visiting our website or speaking with a admissions representative.

Third-Party Payment Plans

Although Lincoln Tech offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to help students pay for their education, some students may still need to explore third-party payment plans. These payment plans allow students to spread out the cost of their education over a period of time, making it more affordable on a month-to-month basis.

There are a few different third-party payment plan options available to students attending Lincoln Tech. One option is through Sallie Mae, a national student loan provider. Students can apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan, which offers competitive rates and repayment options to make paying for school more manageable.

Another option is through ELM Select, a service that helps connect private lenders with borrowers. ELM Select offers a variety of repayment options and terms to fit each borrower’s needs.

Third-Party Payment Plans are one way that students can make their education more affordable. However, it’s important to remember that these loans will need to be repaid after graduation (with interest), so be sure to explore all of your options and choose the plan that makes the most sense for your unique situation.

Military Benefits

Lincoln Tech understands the commitment that our military men and women have made to our country. In appreciation for your dedication, we offer a range of benefits to make getting the education and training you need as convenient and affordable as possible.

The GI Bill

The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, also known as the GI Bill, was a law that provided a range of benefits for returning World War II veterans (commonly referred to as GIs). The original GI Bill expired in 1956, but the term “GI Bill” is still used to refer to any federal government program that helps veterans adjust to civilian life.

Today, the GI Bill is administered by the Veterans Administration (VA) and provides education benefits to eligible veterans and their dependents. The Post-9/11 GI Bill, which went into effect in August 2009, provides even more generous education benefits than the original GI Bill.

In order to receive benefits under either version of the GI Bill, veterans must first apply for them and then submit documentation (e.g., DD-214) verifying their eligibility. The VA website provides detailed information about how to apply for GI Bill benefits.

Tuition Assistance

The post-9/11 GI Bill® is for education benefits for service members who served on active duty after September 10, 2001. You may be eligible if you served at least 90 aggregate days after September 10, 2001, or if you were honorably discharged from active duty for a service-connected disability after 30 days. You have 15 years to use your benefits from the date of your last discharge or release from active duty.

Lincoln Tech is approved for Veterans’ benefits! If you’re eligible for the GI Bill®, you can use your benefits to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and other expenses related to attending our trade school.Depending on your eligibility, the Post-9/11 GI Bill will cover up to 100%* of your tuition and fees! And because our programs are shorter than traditional college degrees, you can get out into the workforce – and start using your new skills to earn a good living – that much sooner.

Career Services

Lincoln Tech offers a variety of services to help you with your career goals. From resume assistance to job placement, Lincoln Tech can help you every step of the way. One of the questions we get most often is, “How much does it cost to go to Lincoln Tech?” The answer is that it depends on a few factors.

Job Placement Assistance

Lincoln Tech’s Career Services department is here to help you before, during, and after your training. We offer:
– Job search assistance
– Resume and cover letter writing tips
– Interview preparation
– Mock interviewing
– Professional networking advice
– Job fairs and career fairs
– Access to our exclusive job board, powered by Lincoln Connect
Lincoln Tech graduates enjoy great success – in 2019, our graduates had an average starting salary of $42,846 with many reporting earning even more. Want to learn more about how much does it cost to go to Lincoln Tech and our job placement assistance? Come visit us on campus or contact us today!

Resume Assistance

Most schools will provide some form of resume assistance to their students and alumni. This may include help with writing and formatting as well as tips on how to make your resume more attractive to potential employers. Some schools may also offer job fairs or job placement services.

Lincoln Tech’s Career Services team is available to help you put your best foot forward as you enter the job market. We’ll work with you one-on-one to help you create a resume that will get you noticed, provide interview coaching to help you land the jobs you want and connect you with employers who are looking for candidates with your skills and experience. We’re here for you even after you graduate – for life!

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is an important part of the Lincoln Tech experience. Our Career Services team can help you practice your interview skills, so you’re ready to impress potential employers.

Practicing your interview skills can help you feel more confident and improve your chances of getting the job you want. The Career Services team at Lincoln Tech can help you hone your interviewing skills so you’re ready for success.

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