How Much Does a Pharmacy Tech Make in NC?

NC pharmacy techs make an average salary of $32,000. How much does a pharmacy tech make in NC?

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The Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician in North Carolina

As of May 2020, the average annual salary for a pharmacy technician in North Carolina was $34,540, or $16.59 per hour. This is slightly lower than the national average salary for pharmacy technicians, which was $35,920 per year in 2020. However, salaries for pharmacy technicians can vary depending on a number of factors, including experience, education, and location.

The Cost of Living in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state with a cost of living that is below the national average. The cost of living index for the state is 96.4, which means that it is 3.6% cheaper to live in North Carolina than in the rest of the country. The largest contributing factor to this lower cost of living is housing, which makes up 33.1% of the cost of living index. groceries, transportation, and utilities make up the second, third, and fourth largest shares respectively.

The Job Market for Pharmacy Technicians in North Carolina

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand across the United States, and North Carolina is no exception. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state is projected to see a 21% growth in pharmacy tech jobs between 2016 and 2026 — that’s significantly higher than the national average of 12%.

With such a high demand for pharmacy technicians, it’s no surprise that they are some of the highest-paid workers in the healthcare industry. In fact, according to the BLS, pharmacy technicians in North Carolina earn a median annual salary of $32,010 — that’s nearly $15 per hour!

So, if you’re looking for a rewarding career with strong job prospects and a competitive salary, becoming a pharmacy technician in North Carolina may be the perfect choice for you!

The Future of Pharmacy Technician Salaries in North Carolina

The future of pharmacy technician salaries in North Carolina looks bright. The state is expected to see a large increase in the number of pharmacy techs employed over the next decade. In fact, the North Carolina Department of Commerce projects that the number of pharmacy techs working in the state will grow by nearly 19 percent between 2016 and 2026. This projected growth rate is much higher than the average for all occupations.

As the demand for qualified pharmacy technicians rises, so too will salaries. The North Carolina Department of Commerce projects that the median hourly wage for pharmacy techs in North Carolina will increase from $13.26 in 2016 to $15.51 in 2026. This projected wage growth is again much higher than the average for all occupations.

To become a pharmacy technician in North Carolina, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent and complete a formal training program at a community college, vocational school, or online institution. Once you have completed your training, you must pass a national certification exam before you can begin working as a pharmacy technician in North Carolina.

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