How Much Can a Pharmacy Tech Make an Hour?

How much can a pharmacy tech make an hour? The average hourly wage for a pharmacy technician in the United States is $15.92, or $33,280 per year.

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In order to become a pharmacy technician, one must complete an accredited pharmacy technician program and pass a national certification exam. After completing these requirements, the technician may work in a variety of settings, including retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. The median hourly wage for pharmacy technicians was $15.86 in May 2019, and the job outlook for this occupation is bright, with a projected growth rate of 7% from 2019 to 2029.

What is a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy technician is a person who works in a pharmacy and is responsible for various tasks related to the operation of the pharmacy. These tasks may include counting and pouring medication, measuring medication, and labeling bottles. A pharmacy technician may also be responsible for answering the phone, taking prescription orders from customers, and stocking shelves.

What are the duties of a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy technician helps a licensed pharmacist dispense prescription medications.

Duties of a pharmacy technician include, but are not limited to the following:

-Accurately enter patient information into the computer
-Package and label prescriptions
– Answer phones
-Take inventory
-Maintain the work area in a clean and orderly fashion

What are the education requirements for a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy technician is a member of the healthcare team who works under the supervision of a pharmacist and helps to prepare and dispense prescription medications. Many pharmacy technicians gain their skills through on-the-job training, but some choose to pursue formal education programs.

There are no formal education requirements for pharmacy technicians, but many choose to pursue postsecondary training. Certification is not required for pharmacy technicians, but it may help them find employment or advance in their careers. Some states regulate pharmacy technicians, and employers may require certification or registration.

What are the certification requirements for a pharmacy technician?

To become a certified pharmacy technician, you must complete an accredited pharmacy technician training program and pass a national certification exam.

What are the job outlook and salary for a pharmacy technician?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide specific data on pharmacy technicians, but it does group them with other medical and health occupations. The BLS reports that the median hourly wage for this occupation was $15.86 in May 2019. This means that half of all pharmacy technicians earned less than this amount, and half earned more. The lowest 10% of earners made less than $9.73, while the highest 10% made more than $24.67.


In conclusion, a pharmacy tech can make anywhere from $9 to $22 an hour, with the average being around $14. The pay will vary depending on experience, location, and the type of pharmacy you work in.

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